11 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2019

Around this time of year, everyone writes about predictions and trends. The article provides an eagle-eyed view of the evolving landscape of the healthcare industry. We will look at major healthcare technology trends from 2018 and the upcoming challenges and opportunities to keep in consideration for 2019. With every passing year, the advances in technology impact different sectors and such are the case for the healthcare industry as well. Healthcare is marked with different growth patterns and trends which vary within its different sub-domains. The patterns include multivariate growth of some domains contradicted with inconsistent stagnation in others.

1. Diagnostics will have a Patient-Centric Approach With the radical change in the set of expectations that a consumer has today, the need for consumerism as a trend to be incorporated in the business model is increasing to an appreciable extent. Front-end changes are not expected to suffice the need of consumerism when it comes to the diagnostic aspect of patient care. Thus, the diagnostic entities are embracing the superior methods for staying ahead in the value-driven system.

Major pharma players are also investing in the consumer genetics field for the development of novel pharmaceutical products. In this regard, GlaxoSmithKline entered into a four-year collaboration with 23andMe; one of the leading players in the genetic testing market; for drug discovery through human genetics.

Clinical decision-making is expected to advance in order to provide simple, standardized, effective, and efficient patient experience across the care spectrum focusing on prevention, illness, and chronic care wellness, by the virtue of a comprehensive strategy such as consumer genomics and precision medicine.

Treatment of complex and rare diseases is witnessing a shift in trend from “patient engagement” to “patient-centricity”. This patient-centric approach deals with creating a fundamentally new value proposition for individual patients thus increasing therapeutic success rates, treatment adherence, and patient compliance. Thus, 2018 witnessed an increase in the adoption of strategic changes for the treatment of complex and rare diseases.

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