Fluorescence-Imaging (2)
Fluorescence imaging is a simple and powerful tool to help surgeons visualize
in real-time lymphatic structures, organ perfusion and vasculature.

It has proven to be useful in multiple
specialities like Surgical Oncology,
and Reconstructive Surgery,
Lymphatic surgery, Vascular Surgery and other

In fluorescence imaging, surgeons employ an imaging system like the .nm Fluorescence imaging with a contrast dye. The contrast dye is directly administered by the surgeons themselves and the imaging system is used to scan the area of interest to see regions of interest and make necessary and critical decisions.

Advantages of fluorescence imaging

  • No use of radioactive contrast dyes
  • Imaging with high contrast and sensitivity
  • Low cost and safety
  • Faster, more procedures with better results
  • Used directly by surgeons
  • No additional personnel needed
  • Real-time imaging allows on-the-table decision making
  • Can be repeated multiple times without any harm to patients

Fluorescence-guided surgery

Fluorescence-guided surgery is currently used in multiple surgical situations
  • Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping
  • Lymphatic imaging
  • Anastomotic perfusion evaluation
  • Flap perfusion evaluation
  • Wound perfusion estimation
  • Organ perfusion
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