.nm Fluorescence Imaging

.nm is a state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging system that gives surgeons the ability to visualize real-time fluorescence for tissue perfusion and lymphatic flow and navigation. The simple hand-held design of the .nm Fluorescence Imaging System which allows surgeons to navigate and make real-time decision with ease.

Simple, effective and easy to use

With .nm Fluorescence Imaging the surgeon can:

  • Setup and use in < 3 minutes
  • Navigate to point of interest with real-time fluorescence visualization
  • Capture contrast flow videos
  • Capture Hi-Q images
  • Instantly store/repeat videos and images
  • Maintain patient records and generate reports
  • Share studies with other physicians
Setup .nm over the ROI
Inject Indocyanine Green(ICG) in recommended quantity for the procedure
Capture fluorescence videos and images immediately

Wide range of applications

.nm Fluorescence Imaging is a niche technology designed to be a hand-held device, that helps in precise navigation and decision making for surgeons in real-time. It is extremely useful in:

  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies
  • Lymphedema screening and surgery
  • Flap perfusion assessments in reconstructive surgery
  • Vascular Perfusion and Wound Management

.nm Fluorescence Imaging will become a critical differentiator for the care-giver and offer better outcomes to patients in a wide range of surgical procedures.

Irillic .nm offers this power of real-time visualization of lymphatics and perfusion to surgeons. Thus, surgeons are equipped to make quick decisions during procedures, which increases treatment accuracy by several notches. Additionally, reduces the need for corrective surgeries and overall treatment costs.

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