Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Blood supply is the most critical factor in the success of a reconstructive surgery.

Post-operative complications like poor cosmetic and functional results and can be expensive to both patient and hospital.

Fluorescence Imaging is an on-the-table visualization/data-driven method for surgeons to ensure flap blood supply and identify poorly perfused flaps.

Fluorescence Imaging also accurately evaluates tissue perfusion, which is critical in reducing complications and improving clinical outcomes.

Traditional methods vs. Fluorescence imaging

Traditional methods of flap evaluation such as flap color, capillary refilling and temperature are extremely subjective and could lead to inaccurate clinical assessment.

With the advancement of imaging technologies, complex reconstructive procedures have become increasingly safer and more reliable.

Surgeons can employ the .nm Fluorescence Imaging System to make an instant assessment of tissue perfusion through visualization of arterial flow and venous return to help reduce post-operative complications.

For patients, there is a direct benefit as this reduces morbidity and hospital stay, and results in better outcomes.

Physicians can proactively use the .nm system for planning and monitoring of several types of flaps like free flap, pedicle and other skin flaps.


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