Powered Air Purifying Respirator

UltraHood is a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) for healthcare professionals in clinical environments that call for long hours of work with safety and comfort. The innovative design by Irillic continuously provides filtered air within a protective hood through a battery-powered airflow system. UltraHood is a positive pressure respirator that makes it easy to breath while preventing fogging and discomfort.

UltraHood uses a high efficiency replaceable filter cartridge that can filter up to 99.99% of air borne particles. This provides the wearer with safe, filtered air and allows comfortable usage for many hours.

The low-cost disposable hoods help reduce the chance of infection during cleaning and reuse of PPEs. While in use, the hoods also provide protection against liquid splash and dust. A wide visor allows clear two-way vision.

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World-class safety with high efficiency filtration (>99.99%) and total protection to head and face

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Full charge lasts for 6 - 8 hours. Easily replace hood and filter upon contamination

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High comfort with clean and fresh airflow without fogging for 6 - 8 hours

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Innovative design from Irillic to help our healthcare personnel and other frontline soldiers in the fight against COVID-19

Protection where it matters

  • Filtered Air Supply
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridge with >99.99% airborne bacterial/viral removal efficiency
  • Anti-Fogging Visor
  • Wide and High Optical Clarity
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Rechargeable Power Pack
  • Low Cost Disposable Hood
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Design
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What OUR CUSTOMERS are saying

Dr. Surendra Ugale
Diabetic, Bariatric & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Hyderabad

"I have used Irillic PAPR UltraHood during a laparoscopic surgery. The complete unit was easy and simple to mount and very comfortable to work with, ensuring highest level of safety as all incoming air is 99.99% filtered and pure. There is continuous fresh air, without fogging and allows excellent vision, and even after long hours of work there is no exhaustion. The person wearing it is easily identifiable, as a mask need not be worn inside.
I would strongly recommend this unit for anybody working in COVID wards, for maximum safety and greater efficiency of work as even long duty hours can be managed without exhaustion.
This would also be excellent for performing surgery/working in an uncertain environment, when all members of the team in that room use similar units; it would be a great asset for all front line workers in institutions treating COVID patients."

Dr. Sangeeta Nagpal
Dental Surgeon, Delhi

"Being a dentist, my exposure to aerosol is very high and 'UltraHood' gives safety from patients and supporting staff exhaled air during aerosol procedures. It is easy to shape to mount and use, without the discomfort of a mask pressing against our face and ears. The full face is visible and speech is audible. Further, the continuous steady flow of filtered air in the hood and no fogging makes work comfortable."

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